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updated 4:01 PM CDT, Sep 26, 2015
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Key Benefits of Going to The Cloud: You Get Options


Key Benefits of Going to The Cloud: You Get Options

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One of the greatest benefits of going to the cloud are all the options that it provides, which in turn can provide a faster ROI.  The "anytime, anywhere, hassle-free" availability has made cloud services an excellent option to many companies.  Cloud solutions and services have been on a steady rise since abut 2009, according to most research. 

Here are some of the options that make cloud solutions so attractive.

Option 1: You don’t have to commit to a certain number of seats or service level, sometimes months ahead of actual deployment, based on a discovery phase that might be outdated by the time you go-live.  With cloud services you can adjust the number of seats anytime, therefore you are not paying for seats you don’t need.

Option 2: How will you pay?  Along with not needing much in the way of on premise equipment, you can move your cost from being a capital expense to an operations expense with minimal upfront expenditure.  The pay as you go structure allows you to choose to weekly, monthly or yearly payments.

Option 3:  How will you structure your workforce?  Since you can now get more done with less, you will want to reevaluate how many employees you will keep on your IT and support team.  Also, many companies are taking their workforce remote, and opting for smaller office spaces reserved for meeting and traveling employees in town for short periods of time.  With a cloud solution it has become far easier to serve the needs of dynamically changing staff levels and locations.

PMC sidebarimageOption 4:  What companies will you partner with?  There are so many options in this arena.  For example, one SAP partner we track is taking advantage of all the flexibility that cloud solutions provide and adding to the value by offering an expanded version of PMC called Premium Managed Cloud.  They have bundled application management services with PMC for a more complete solution and services offering.  To read more about this application from SAP partner Aptelis download their eGuide.

Option 5:  How much will your company grow?  Whatever the size scalability/flexibility is key.  The question then stands why pay for something (functionality) now that you don’t need yet?  However, the following question is why invest in an expensive on premise solution that you will have to replace in a few years?  The answer is go to the cloud.  Choose what you need now and scale up as you need more functionality, or scale back if you have a lean year.

Whatever options you choose you will find that cloud solutions like PMC and expanded offerings like Premium Managed Cloud from Aptelis allow your organization to focus on your core business.  You will also improve your corporate financial position through improved cash flow created by making software an operational expense, lower TCO through lower payroll and IT infrastructure and because you are up and running quick you will have an accelerated time to value.

The bottom line is Cloud Solutions keep organizations on the forefront of technology because you have the option to always be running the most current technology.

For more information on SAP Partner Managed Cloud click here.

Fill out the form below to download the ebook on using Premium Managed Cloud.

The Value of Cloud Services and Premium Managed Cloud

SAP_SimplicityMany companies are making the strategic decision to reinvent the way they manage and do business by embracing digital business transformation projects like moving to the cloud. 

Perceptive executives are increasingly looking to cloud computing infrastructures as key assets because of the way it impacts all emerging areas of IT.  It is the essential platform for today’s evolving solutions, including: enterprise, mobility, Big Data, commerce and the Internet of Everything.

Solutions like Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) from SAP and Premium Managed Cloud from Aptelis help customers take that step up to the cloud.

To learn more about how subscription tools like PMC and Premium Managed Cloud allow companies to reach their strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing the solution themselves download our eBook,The Value of Cloud Services and Premium Managed Cloud.

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